Grapes Cambridge

19 Histon Road, CB4 3JB Cambridge

It’s been far too long since Cambridge had a pure and uncut Life4Land line up so we made it happen. Amens, breakcore rollers, big fat bass and all that LIfe4Land goodness you’ve come to know and love powered by Deeper Understanding.


Mashing up the dance with a badman blend of jungle, raggatek and breakcore. A true giant of the underground dance scene, Stivs is a founding member of the infamous Life4Land Sound as well as several independent record labels. As one third of bass-terrorist trio The D.S.C., Stivs has been steadily hacking away at the rave scene for over a decade, lumping speakers across muddy fields, inhabiting warehouses for one night and one night only, and playing dirty ragga-jungle, breakcore and raggatek to jumping party people across the globe since the year 2000.

Whether it’s an all-vinyl journey through the jungle ages or an up to-the minute digital set trialling his freshest productions on a crowd, Stivs never fails to create a euphoric auditory journey through bass music and amen breaks and you can be sure he’s going to pull something special out the bag for this, his first appearance on his home turf in a good couple of years.