MDS ( Paul Jones ) got into rave music at the age of 14 stealing his sisters tapes of world dance, the edge, dreamscape, obsession to name but a few. Having been beaten to within an inch of his life he was compensated and spent his winnings on decks. He dropped out of school and got a shit job and spent all his wages (80pw £2 ph) getting trains to london and loitering in black market records building up a collection. In 1998 he started producing with the image of creating a heavy amen jungle and acid techno, married into a dance floor killing style. When life4land put on their first party in 2000 he was there being the annoying little shit blagging a set. Freedom outside of the city to breath, run free and play music that would not be welcome in any ‘respectful’ sweaty prison of  a club had him hooked. He went on to play sets at and play a part organising a lot of the early L4L parties. All the time working on producing (at which point the aim was to write a set) alone and in collaboration with other members. The style he set out to create finally reached maturity around 2005 with Dekay and Warehouse Masika to name but two classics. He’s been qoted as saying ‘the L4L journey was a coldren of creativity where we all supported each other developed our own sound and strived to put on parties where the atmosphere was free. 15 years one one of the main original goals ‘writing enough music to play a whole night’ has long been surpassed and an L4L night is something unique’

Redeyerecords – Digital Clementine / MDS Feat. Ed Cox , Discogs MDS. ‎– Slice Vertical , Jigsoresound – MDS-n-Ed-Cox-Lord-of-the Clunge, Various – Life4Land 05, Life 4 Land 03 – Ghost, M.D.S., Ed Cox – Life 4 Land – Toolbox Records, DJ-Tyke-MDS-Coma-Corrupt Law , MDS – Sands of Time EP – Full (5 Tracks) – MP3 (320 KBPS) – JSD003 // MDS // Sand of Time EP – Digital – JS RECORDINGS Releases – JS Store – Jungle Syndicate Recordings


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